Diva Fibers is the culmination of four years of discovery and experimentation.

Finding one’s voice is one of the most exciting life journeys you can have.

My fascination with fiber began during my years as a staff photographer at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. It continued as I began to make my own clothing. Soon, I became aware of the fact that I could never find the exact fabric I wanted. I began dyeing my own cloth. That led to dyeing my own roving and spinning my own yarn. I suddenly realized that if it was a fiber based medium, I had to know how to use it somehow. I had to make something with it. In April of 2014, I attended my first Spin-In with Whidbey Weavers Guild. Sarah Anderson was the guest spinner. Her first talk was “Confessions of a Serial Maker”. Suddenly I knew I was not alone. I too was a serial maker. 

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